We Say Yes


the challenge

Saying yes to Louisiana.

As the state's largest workers' compensation insurance carrier, LWCC is dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience for all of the employers and workers within the state. We were tasked with creating a campaign that displayed their commitment to the people of Louisiana. The collaborative relationship lead to an award-winning concept, campaign and brand.



The solution

Along with the logo redesign – which incorporated a punchy, sleek representation of the universal "safety stripe" symbol – we created an extensive brand standards manual to ensure LWCC's new logo would become more than a graphic element, but the brand's ambassador as an impactful first impression and powerful symbol of its established reputation. For the campaign concept that followed, we aimed to embody everything LWCC stands for and everyone it represents with a single phrase: We Say Yes to Louisiana. The visuals from both the original campaign and its most recent extension speak to LWCC's understanding and steadfast commitment to the the people of Louisiana.



the results

"We have continued to work with MESH because of their creativity, hard work and dedication to understanding our business. Throughout our relationship, MESH has always demonstrated high ethical standards by respecting our vision and mission and ensuring that our core principles shine through in everything they create for us. MESH is extremely well known as a great business partner as well as creative force in the community."

— John Hawie, Senior Vice President/Chief Strategy and Investment Officer, LWCC