You Craft It. We Blast It.


the challenge

A new presence for a new pizza.

A completely customized pizza cooked right in front of your eyes with high quality ingredients at a great value – that’s what LIT Pizza is bringing to the table with Baton Rouge’s first fast-casual pizza restaurant. These culinary craftsmen were ready to change the way people experienced pizza, so we needed to create a visual identity just as unique and rebellious as the brand behind it.

LIT Pizza


The solution

Kneadless to say, our creative team enjoyed our fair share of cheesy pizza puns, but after getting our fill, we served up a bold and daring logo and tagline and then brought it to life with blast-fired brand collateral. Offering limitless flavor combinations and a new approach to fire-blasting pizza, “You Craft It. We Blast It.” empowers your inner pizza-lover and embodies LIT’s exciting and personalized modern twist to this classic cuisine. 


the results