Damn right. Since 1909.


the challenge

Growing awareness and community for a classic clothing brand.

Haspel exudes confidence and Southern sophistication with a twist of class and style -- and let us be the first to tell you, a true Haspel man knows a thing or two about class and style. With its brand relaunch, Haspel was ready to make yet another stride since pioneering the seer-sucker suit: to connect with the emerging new generation of young men looking to make a statement with their style.



The solution

Inspired by our thorough analysis of what it means to be a modern gentlemen, MESH's clever approach to social and digital media reinvigorated this classic brand and positioned Haspel as a lifestyle brand for today’s generation of aspiring cultural gentleman. With quick-witted ads and a social presence that gained rapid momentum through celebrity endorsements from stars like Jonah Hill, we generated authentic conversations that grew nationwide. One highlight of our social media strategy was our ambitious campaign to bring back classic -- promoting the return of National Seer Sucker Day and marching it all the way up to Capitol Hill. 



the results

With the spread of our social campaign, the United Stated Congress publicly celebrated National Seersucker Day, donning their Seersucker stripes in recognition of the reinstated national holiday. Within 5 months, our hard work had more than tripled Haspel's Facebook fanbase and accumulated over 6 million Twitter impressions during the month we launched #SeersuckerDay. Checkout the video above to see more of the exciting details from our work with this iconic brand.